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Just a socially awkward french girl who likes to draw and speak to herself.


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• My favorite manga is Gunnm and Gunnm Last Order, I discovered it when I was like 13, and it was so deep and psychologically hardcore to read at this age (especially that I was this kind of annoying child that had to understand everything) that after every new volume I read I would stare blankly at my walls for hours trying to get the meaning of life.
• That's where my recurrent existential crisis began obviously. 
• You might already know my favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop, but last year I discovered a new anime that I love almost equally, and I never thought this would happen in my life because Cowboy Bebop is like over the stars in term of quality for me (lolz, get it ?), this anime is Mushishi.
• I'm like a huge cinema enthusiast. I rate and classify every movie I watch on a french website, so I'm able to tell you that I've seen exactly 1023 movies in my life so far. 
• And 209 tv shows (wow that's creepy)
• My favorite kind of movies is the depressing-contemplative-boring-film-d'auteur-ones. 
• In fact, I watched the 7 hours movie Satantango by Béla Tarr last week and I loved it. 
• I have an actual raccoon tattooed on my celiac plexus.
• My favorites writers are Kundera, Kerouac and Carrère, I go back and forth. 
• But I have a tendency for Eastern Europe literature anyway. 

Who are your favorite side characters of a show ?
Daryl ♥

Who is your anime or celebrity girl crush ?
I mostly watch shonens so it's kinda hard to find a cool girl in those. 
I would kill my parents to let her touch me with a stick. 
Do you procrastinate often ?
ah ah

You're stuck in bed because of a broken leg. How did you get it ?
I had a lot of opportunities for that this summer. Just last week there was a crazy thunderstorm where I live, and I obviously let the windows open while I went to take a shower, when I got back with my dear computer in my hands I slipped the hell outta me english, yay, and obviously took all the damage in order to save my precious George the 2nd. 

Do you speak another language aside from English ?
I'm french. I've learned some Italian in high school but I have absolutely no recollection of it. 
I can say "look, a moose" in Swedish but can't write it. 

Are you more of a girly girl or are you more of a tomboy ?</span>
Tomboy all the way. 

What are your ships for your favorite show/anime ?
I can't say all the ones from anime because there's a shitload. 
Daryl/Rick ♥ jk. actually i'm not  

What is your sexuality? (If your uncomfortable with answering this, then what is favorite fruit?)
Man, I sure have it hard for nectarines. 

What is your shoe size? 
7 men US my Vans say. So 10.5 women I think ?

 If you could marry any cartoon/anime character who would it be ? 
Oh boy that's hard. Spike is obviously the coolest character ever but I can't see myself married to him. Friends, hell yeah, but married ? Nope. Same goes for Ginko. See, I admire them so much that I can't bring myself to be stuck in a romantic relationship with them. 
I ship myself with no one OTL That's so revealing about my sexual preferences and current relationship status. I love being alone. 

Since I'm a lawbreaker I'm not gonna tag anyone today, I feel like going against the rules. SO AUDACIOUS.

  • Listening to: Tribute
  • Reading: Karoo
  • Playing: Sims 3 sovintagelollol
  • Eating: Muesli
  • Drinking: Latte


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